(Action – USA – Completed)

Cast: Paul Logan, Alex Huynh, Tara Platt, Angela Little

When all the dregs of society have been pushed into one corner of the city and corporate greed threatens to take over their last bad neighborhood, the criminals fight back. Mack is the enforcer, collecting money and breaking bones, for the Biker gang leader, Bishop, who rules this ruined corner of the otherwise clean and corporate city called Docklands. Although Mack is a good soldier, he's starting to believe that things could be better. Alex, his beautiful girlfriend who runs the local clinic, wants them to leave, thinking Docklands is a lost cause. Lacey, Bishop's sly and seductive queen, seems to have plans of her own for both the area and for Mack. On top of all that, Silverstone, the power behind the City, wants the docks for his own, and is willing to use the most lethal of assassins, The Shortman & Still, to achieve his goal... no matter how many bodies need to be cleaned up afterwards. In the face of the coming conflict, Mack has a choice to make: stand with his friends or run with Alex. And his decision could change Docklands forever. This dark gritty tale features intense action, beautiful girls, martial arts, motorcycles and mayhem.